Gil-Ad Shaer הי’’ד

[Hat tip MT]

This is spooky to say the least.

Yisroel Nuret, Rav Yitzchok Dovid Grossman’s assistant (renowned Rav of
Migdal HaEmek etc.) related the following on the Israeli radio station Kol

“About three years ago, I got a phone call. ‘Hello’ the voice said, ‘I’m
a13 year old boy, and I’d like to meet with Rav Grossman for five minutes.’

I explained to the boy that the Rav is a very busy man, and I wasn’t sure I
could arrange a meeting for him. I couldn’t see what huge need a young boy
would have to meet with the Rav. .. Then the boy’s father called, and he
said to me. ‘Listen, my friend, my son is celebrating his bar mitzvah soon.
We bought him a tallis and tefillin, and we asked him what present he would
like, expecting him to ask for a new bicycle, or maybe a special trip. But
he insisted, “Ima, Abba, I don’t want any presents except for one thing. I
want to meet Rav Grossman. That’s the biggest present I could get.”

So I gave him an appointment, and the boy all excited, went in with his
father to Rav Grossman’s office. It was scheduled to be a five-minute
meeting, but it went on for an hour and forty minutes.

These are the questions the boy asked the Rav: Kevod Harav, how does a
person merit doing chesed? How can one do chesed at a high level? And how can one be Mekadesh Sheim Shomayim (sanctify God’s name publicly)?

Stunned, the Rav explained to the boy how to do chesed in our generation.
and then the boy asked, “How does one merit sanctifying the Name of
HaKadosh Baruch Hu?”

The boy’s name was Gil-Ad Shaer Hy’d from Talmon – one of the 3 kedoshim
who was murdered by the wild beasts of the desert.”

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