How can you write “against” a Tzadik like R’ Yoel of Satmar ז’ל

Some people sent me private messages saying I had a “chutzpa” to make any inferences about the actions of the Satmar Rebbe during the Shoah. Well, I was sent a very illuminating and detailed study [hat tip NB]. It’s not my work, it has been researched painstakingly and in incredible detail by others.

I would suggest that there are three types of frum Yidden who react to such articles

  1. Those who don’t read this history, and aren’t bothered by it because they follow the Rebbe irrespective
  2. Those who don’t read this history, and aren’t bothered by it because they never follow Satmar anyway
  3. Those like me, who are fascinated by history and the facts and consider such articles as useful contributions to our understanding. At the end of the day, it’s up to Satmar Chassidim who don’t just follow based on Emunas Tzadikim but also wish to correct any errors of fact or misunderstandings to respond. I’m happy to publish their contributions and am very eager to read them, but I’m not publishing anonymous comments or fakely named comments. I’ve taken the view that if you have something to say, use your name. If you can’t state your name, then don’t write here.

I must urge people to read these two pieces from Tablet Magazine. They are erudite and detailed.

Part one is here

Part two is here

It matters not WHO is writing (from my vantage), but WHAT they are writing. If there are rejoinders, go for it. I’m happy to accept this is all inaccurate as long as those who respond do so with verifiable facts and not hagiography.

I’d like to add that I’m hardly in a position to criticise the action(s) of anyone at that time. These were horrid times, and really, not me nor anybody ought to be some “judge” or “God’s accountant”. Anyone who survived the holocaust in my opinion is a Kadosh. Why? Because they were separated as a Korbon. They retain their Kedusha. They suffered living hell.

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I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

2 thoughts on “How can you write “against” a Tzadik like R’ Yoel of Satmar ז’ל”

  1. Waiting for Mashiach?? To Do What????

    Read what Yidel Warter writes about the Amoire Shmuel who formulated his successful campaign against early Christians and devised a slogan that said “” (EIN BEIN …אין בין עולם הזה לימות המשיח אלא שיעבוד מלכיות בלבד.)

    The following is the Satmer Rebbes opinion why Advocating Herzl’s plan to establish a Jewish government without Meshiach is in violation with 2 of the 13 principles of the Jewish Religion:
    A) Hashem Punishes, B). Waiting for Mashiach,

    1) It is important to remember that Jewish Sovereignty over Eretz Yisroel is CONDITIONAL !!!!

    2) At the Covenant of Hashem with our Father Abraham it was agreed that the punishment for violating the Jewish faith, would be Exile/Gules,

    3) Hashem told us thru our Nevi’im that the redemption of the Jewish people will be by Meshiach.

    4) The Amoira Shmuel the biggest Poisek in his Generation indicates with proclaiming the term “” EIN BEIN!!!! …..אין בין עולם הזה לימות המשיח אלא שיעבוד מלכיות בלבד “”
    That Hashem’s decree on us to WAIT for Meshiach, is meant for Mashiach’s EXCLUSIVE ACT to Restore A Jewish Sovereignty and to Reestablish a Jewish Government,
    “”All other attributes to Meshiach can be disputed or advanced by Others in alliance with Meshiach. “”

    5) The Rambam brings down LeHalucha the words of Shmuel as impartial: “Umri Chachumim” and states that whoever does not WAIT for Meshiach (as described by Shmuel) is an Apikoires.
    6) The ReShab Writes a warning for our days: “That even if the Herzl plan would achieve their goal, we must not listen to them in this matter “to make our redemption with our own power.”

    7) So any one who is ONLY in the OPINION that Mashiach’s JOB may be achieved without him is JUST Not Waiting for Him and is an Apikoires,
    and The punishment for contemplating the Herzl plan is pre warned,

    To illustrate the above, envision yourself with the following Mushel:

    You see a group of people waiting at a bus stop, it is assumed that these people are waiting for a bus to arrive and to take them to a certain destination,

    A taxi drives by, and yells out: Hop into my taxi ,You people are waiting for noting, no bus will arrive and the bus shelter will collapse on your head, hop into my taxi,

    First group of Non Waiters

    A few people pass by and say we have been waiting at another stop, and the bus broke down in front of our nose so we started to walk join us , you people are waiting for noting no bus will arrive and someone might ram their car into you ,

    Second group of Non Waiters

    Another group of people come by and say: Come help to push the broken bus,

    Third group of Non Waiters

    A few cyclists drives by, their devices blaring: We want the bus now we don’t want to wait,

    Fourth group of Non Waiters

    A horse and buggy passes by and yells out, I am a professional mechanic, if the bus will ever be fixed you won’t be able to afford the fare, hop unto my buggy,

    Fifth group of Non Waiters

    As the group of Waiters dwindle, one Waiter says to the fellow next to him, why did the bus manufacturer tell us to wait for a bus? when he also manufactures planes trains, ships, tanks cars, bike, scooters?, and why such lousy shelter?

    The first Waiter replies, I do not understand the logic behind His Plan, but HE said when the bus will arrive The Plan will be self-understood

    WAITING is a Stage of a Resolute, Determined, Unyielding, Inactive, Passive Behavior

    Jews have to wait for Meshiach to create a Jewish State, creating a Jewish state without him, one becomes a Non Waiter, which the Rambam calls an APIKOIRES,”


    WAITING when decreed by a SUPER BEING, has to become a frame of mind, Like it or not, Practical or not, Popular or not

    Jews have to wait for Meshiach to create a Jewish State, creating a Jewish state without him, one becomes a Non Waiter, which the Rambam calls an APIKOIRES,

    In the beginning of the Common Era the Amoire Shmuel formulated his successful campaign against early Christians and devised a slogan that said:
    “” EIN BEIN …””אין בין עולם הזה לימות המשיח אלא שיעבוד מלכיות בלבד to proclaim that … “” The ONLY difference between before Meshiach and after Meshiach is by HIM establishing an Independent Jewish Government.””” , which Yoshke failed to accomplish , Shmuel’s campaign triggered the Christian counter crusade… “Waiting for his Second Coming”.

    Bavli trials 5 times the soundness and scope of Shmuel’s slogan, by analyzing 5 statements that broadens the scope of Mashiach’s Actions/Era , but all 5 statements agree that the reestablishing of a Jewish government is exclusively Mashiach’s role for the Jewish people,(V’Yoel Moshe) and the Rambam Codifies this as Halacha by Proclaiming for us today :

    1) Jews wait for Meshiach to be free of non-Jewish governments, by Meshiach Himself establishing a Jewish Sovereignty,

    2) All other objectives that might result at the era of Meshiach does not necessarily have to happen by Meshiach Personally,

    3) Do Not Talk about the OTHER OBJECTIVES when highlighting Meshiachs Objective (as Shmuel has done in his campaign),

    4) Whoever does not believe the above or does not WAIT for Meshiach to do the Creation of the Jewish State is an A P I K O R E S

    Please be open minded by joining the Satmers in prayers, that Hashem should not punish us again, because of those who are actively Non-Waiters

    Yidel Warter


    1. The Satmer approach has been debunked adequately many times. I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve by resurrecting the dead. Veyoel Moshe has been answered. The Shalosh Shavuos have been answered many times in different kuntresim and seforim, and there are MORE people learning Torah today in the STATE OF ISRAEL than ever in our history. You might think that is the work of the Satan. I’d have to be high on drugs (not that I ever have) to be so deluded. Shmuel doesn’t devise slogans. He doesn’t devise anything. He passes on Torah She Baal Peh as he heard it. It’s brought LeHalocho in Hilchos Melochim. The Satmar Rebbe had his interpretation of how eschatology had to unfold. He was ultimately saved by Zionists. Many Gedolim predicted incorrectly about the Holocaust. Belz is infamous. Even R’ Shimon Shkop went back into what became the furnace. He couldn’t see what was going to happen. The Hester Ponim resulted in a State for Jews. You want to say these are completely disconnected? That’s your business. I think that History has Paskened who is right. The unfolding of History, is what Hashem has presented to us. If you prefer to sit and wait then sit and wait silently. If you haven’t worked out that Satmar has convinced comparatively few non Satmar people to adopt their approach. They aren’t even united among themselves. From one Rebbe, you now have two. Either way, sit in your Beis Medrash or business and stay SHTUM. You have a right to your opinion, wrong as it is, but don’t incite the world against those who know from plain Gemora that Moshiach DOES come quicker if people do Teshuva, so it’s not a WAITING game, but a DOING game. If you can’t influence a single person to do Teshuva, then you are part of the people who simply ignore the Beito/Achisheno and are choosing Beito. Who gave you the right to abandon Achisheno. Instead of complaining about the darkness, why don’t you create light.


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