It’s nice to be nice

I don’t know who the lady is. She works in the Tempo shop in Melbourne, off Carlisle Street. She’s of Russian origin, judging by her accent. I’m there almost each Sunday morning to pick up some Milk, and whatever else my wife asks me to buy. Without fail, for each customer, she behaves in a most friendly way. She always says please and thank you, never seems flustered, and always wishes customers a nice day or Good Yom Tov or whatever is relevant. Sure, she’s not the only person who does this, but given the clientele and the environment, I think she is extremely genuine, and not the product of a short course in client management. It’s natural. She’s always immaculately presented and an asset to the shop, and never looks like she’s doing you a favour by serving you. As I left the shop yesterday and she wished me Good Yom Tov for Pesach, I stopped and reflected on how agreeable she was, and thought that I should mention it as הכרת הטוב.

There is much to be learnt from all types of people. I certainly could use a dose of her natural conviviality.

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