Did you succeed Vivien?

In an article on abuse, social worker, Vivien Resofsky, wrote:

I first saw a Rabbi about child sexual abuse in 2004 while I was working at Jewish Care. A terrible example of child sexual abuse was the catalyst. The abuse had gone on for years and finally the girl had the courage to ask for help. She went to a teacher she trusted at Beth Rivkah Ladies College but the teacher did not help her. Instead she told her student that she was not a pure diamond because her parents were not born into Ultra Orthodox families and had become Ultra Orthodox by choice. (Baal Teshuvah).
Despite the fact that the teacher was mandated to report disclosures of abuse she did nothing and consequently nothing in the girl’s life changed. So the girl did something she could do by herself and began to hurt herself physically. Luckily, she came across a doctor who not only knew how to respond but had the confidence and conviction to respond responsibly.
There were other referrals about child sexual abuse and in my opinion, many people who were working with children weren’t sufficiently educated and confident to deal with child sexual abuse.

I realise that social workers are trained to refer and support. They do a magnificent job. My daughter is a great social worker, but as far as I know they don’t treat per se. Perhaps Vivien can also tell us whether she or others associated with the case that she lists, convinced the girl to report the alleged abuser(s)? I hope they did. Vivien is associated with Tzedek, I believe.

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