Murderous mengele: another Melbourne conjunction

We have all regrettably heard about the infamously cruel and barbaric Nazi murderer, (Dr) Josef Mengele, ימח שמו וזכרו. This low-life “drew a line on the wall of the children’s block 150 centimetres (about 5 feet) from the floor and children whose heads could not reach the line were sent to the gas chambers”.

In Melbourne, we know that the Weiss sisters, Eva and Marta were subjected to Mengele’s experiments and have retold their stories. They were not alone.

The purpose of this blog post is to retell a story that has not (to my knowledge) been told. I know the story because a Doctor of a particular survivor recently related it to me. The survivor had submerged the experience throughout his life and had only shared it with his wife and the Doctor. He related his experience to the Doctor because of the oath of confidentiality meant that it would stay a secret. The survivor’s directive was that it remain confidential until he passed away. Sadly, the survivor is no longer with us.

This survivor, let’s call him Kadosh, was sent to Auschwitz. Like others, he stood precariously between life and death. Unlike others, however, his face was recognisable. He had been a World Champion in a certain sport, and had competed at the Olympic Games. The Nazi guards recognised him immediately, and considered that it would be a good idea if Kadosh taught them the finer parts of the sport. Kadosh was, after all, a world-renowned expert. Jews were just disposable commodities, and this one had some extraneous value. It would enrich their leisure time.

And so it unfolded. Kadosh was training the guards and improving their game. This kept him alive. The arrangement continued until one day, the dreaded Mengele eyed Kadosh. Kadosh wasn’t a twin and had no particular interest to Mengele from a “medical” or “anthropological” perspective. No, perhaps unknown to many, Mengele was a molester, a molester of young males. Mengele took a liking to Kadosh, and each day sexually forced himself on Kadosh. This was another example of the self-contradictory nature of the “superior race”. The Nazis persecuted homosexuals, and yet, for his own sick sexual gratification, the murderous Mengele, hypocritically and perversely “gratified” himself by repeatedly raping Kadosh in his office.

Kadosh was also given other duties. I won’t describe them here for a number of reasons.

There was a period of two weeks when Mengele didn’t force himself on Kadosh. One day, in front of the officers, Kadosh had enough and resisted by cursing Mengele, and telling him “Go kiss my backside”. Mengele instructed the officers to give Kadosh a beating that he would not forget but to make sure that Kadosh didn’t die. When he recovered from the beating, Mengele resumed raping Kadosh.

Kadosh eventually immigrated to Australia and married. His wife moved to an old age home after Kadosh died. She only had one wish which she relayed to the same Doctor

Please, when I die, make sure they don’t bury me in a white casket”

The significance of a white casket is like that of a white bridal dress. It signifies a certain virginal purity. Alas, Kadosh had never been able to physically consummate his marriage. Kadosh was affected for life. His wife silently accepted the life-long psychological curse that transformed her husband into a virtual eunuch.

Kadosh’s wife wasn’t Jewish.

The story shook me up and once more infused me with perspective. Next time you are feeling low, think of Kadosh and his “life”. Think of the lady that looked after him all those years. In fact, think of him at other times, too. It’s the least we can do.

Author: pitputim

I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

3 thoughts on “Murderous mengele: another Melbourne conjunction”

  1. Thank you. Even bad information helps. Mengele was a trauma jockey, that was his real mission, and it may not even have been his intention. You will understand the delicate nature of wondering if Mengele had been “programmed” to do and even enjoy barbaric acts of insoluble trauma. It was to make it soluble into Monarch Programming, (as it became)and they might have been his masters…to create traumas for further programming. Today a little electroshock and hypnosis beforehand and dissassociation comes more easily with say a snuff video in that state, ready for the new programming….Monarch programming. The barbarism now has a reason, it makes a broken man easier to acquire even if under hypnosis so unaware….and no one can break the system as used each time without worse. So mengele may have been under a yoke, he may have thus not had mens rea, his work continued until it was
    repeatable ad nauseum, might even save lives…even millions of people, because anyone might be acquired and not forced at the point of a sword or have to be killed.
    Human Rights. Yes..that is the massive cost, especially as the system is unstable…more trauma…more leapfrogging. Now read this very carefully. I met Mengele. He did not die in 1979. It was a shill. When I saw him , just like the 1977 photos, but much shorter. the most notable thing about him was his cheeks, They were deep deep deep lined with almost black lines in the crevices. The web tells me this is caused by pain. He was in fine health and very smart as usual, his back probably fused because no stooping as observed in the 1970’s, and getting the best of treatment…good still gap toothed, still chuckling, still heavily accented,.
    But the cheeks. I guess he had to have more (subliminal actually) pain but it left its mark.
    Never seen the like. Here is my story: see the website I have become a sort of notional agent spreading this shill theory, I do not mind if it is true, but what if the Western Powers he was allied to are notional agencies? Scary Mengele has ruined my life with one finger, but I think Villa Almiran is where I have tracked him down to. Someone with a picture asking around might prove I am right. Need a strong stomach explaining it all. Well done with your account.
    And read Will Filer, things have moved on past me, now. You need to catch up?


    1. I don’t know about your theories. What is important is to re-tell the story that this victim found unable to re-tell, except to his Doctor.
      We derive strength from his character and that of his wife. To attempt to live, and remain sane after being molested by this animal is a humbling story of strength and inspiration.

      Mengele can fry in hell, whether he was a marionette, pathological lunatic, or an agent of the dark side is absolutely immaterial to me.

      Good luck with your projects.


      1. “Thank you again. Information is the life blood of remembering, emotion the engine. I have had too little of either to properly respond. All I have is what I have seen and what I have felt and what I have heard. Everything else is as they say, commentary. But I can act with impunity.

        I never realised my story was a story for a decade because of a disconnect. This was the story I collated really and it was the 5 weeks of research that got me the visit from I swear a living Doctor Mengele at a sprightly 93 years of age in 2002. And Jew or Gentile, another holocaust is on the cards…. this time a non lethal one ….for those who did not fight for their human rights, or something pretty darn close.

        I met Lionel Blue, the previous UK Chief Rabbi giving a talk in a local arts centre. I spoke to him afterwards and passed on a couple of stories like the ones he told so well. The day before in a book of Arabian Tales that was my mothers before the war I read one of the stories he told from Jewish sources. It was about a little boy who won residency rights after debating in sign language with the Pope.

        I understand many Jews do not speak of Mengele following a convention that in Jewish lore his name be obliterated from history. I now think Mengele is dead, probably by 2008 when his son Rolf Jenckel put Villa Almarin up for holiday lets. That IS a guess, but it fits known facts, like my seeing hearing and feeling Mengele in 2002, though by then much shorter. His work for half a century on Monarch Programming was for the West. Maybe Israel who had a back door into everybody\’s intel data thanks to Robert Maxwell..source a book I was given and gave away.

        But it would be no great surprise if that prevailing ability was wrested from the West by the very same techniques, and Mengele might need reconstructing…how he thought, what symbols he would use from his past, his humour..every aspect might become a matter of National, International, Trans-national security. I suspect at present the West tries to play decently..that is my \”culture\” but at this level it is survival of the fittest and Monarch capabilities might start being used by say a Russian leader to silence his critics and all scared by the first few deaths. ( Just saying…it is in the papers today about unexplained politico-murders or deaths…just an example) Anyway, as someone distant from events in the past, but wedded to this memory until I die, think only this of me….I sought corroboration dispassionately, without emotion screening whatever facts I could gather. They, emotive bombshells that they are, mean for me another nail in Mengele\’s coffin might not resurface if the damage can be drawn to the record for all researchers to consider without fear or favour and mindful of the damage the man might still provide for others.

        Almarin seems to mean master work. He was vain and frustrated he was never recognised. The worst he did is still remembered there, codified and sieved by my Government no doubt, but a resource others might abuse to the fullest possible extent. I say that advisedly. It is so helpful to get your advice, it makes me realise I have to try harder to not forget how damaging the man and his message. I sadly can see it in Monarch programming, and thank you for drawing this much out of my well. I think I left an eye, like ODIN, down there, and I know my theories are foolish to announce without proof. Sadly since starting this campaign the 1985 exhumated remains, a source of DNA about then, has been cremated, so theories are my best chance of find in corroboration on the world wide web now. Maybe I should go to Mougins, but I shall try to remember your words, \”to have luck with my projects\”. I may be surrounded, but information is the currency here and I thank you for yours.

        I did tell the Israeli\’s Government and its executive arms, but no response. So I still try. Maybe I will be metaphorically buried on the Golan Heights if this really is a holocaust of Human Rights and it can be exposed to people who can learn of an almost invisible danger.


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