A sensible start to Mikva reform

Dear Mispallelim,

Due to our concern for the safety of children, the Mikva will not be available for any children under 18 years old. This applies whether or not they are accompanied by an adult. Failure to adhere with this rule will result in the closure of our Mikva.

Mispalelim should remain cognizant of their responsibility to ensure their children’s safety. Parents are reminded to supervise and ensure the safety of their children while in our Chabad House

We would like to take this opportunity to again convey our unequivocal recommendation that anyone who has been abused, knows someone else who was abused or has concerns about inappropriate behaviour of an individual, should report it to the police immediately. If for any any reason, the individual is apprehensive about contacting the police directly, s/he may feel free to report it to myself or Rabbi Shmerling who will then pass on the information to the police, as we have indeed done recently.

With wishes for only good in the future,

Rabbi Y. Gutnick
Chabad House of Caulfield

I would say this is a proper position based on

  1. עת לעשות לה׳ הפירו תורתיך
  2. It’s a Middas Chassidus, which is outweighed by the scourge
  3. Some Poskim hold that a shower is a Mikva (for a male)
  4. They can get sound חינוך that they can’t go because of potential danger until they are older.
  5. It’s not a Chiyuv today anyway but a good הנהגה

Author: pitputim

I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

18 thoughts on “A sensible start to Mikva reform”

  1. תלמוד בבלי מסכת שבת דף קה עמוד ב

    שכך אומנתו של יצר הרע, היום אומר לו עשה כך ולמחר אומר לו עשה כך. עד שאומר לו עבוד עבודה
    זרה והולך ועובד.

    First you stop them from saying “Yechi”

    And then you stop the young from getting drunk.

    And then you stop them from going to the Mikva.
    What will they next?


    1. Why so cynical? I happen to be of the opinion that anyone with a homosexual predisposition should never go to the Mikva and should observe the laws of yichud with a male. Tell me one posek who would disagree?


  2. This would seem as a good move for Kimberly, which is a private owned mikvah anyway. However it wouldn’t work for most mikvas. They would have to take a more moderate stance, which would allow children if accompanied by a parent.
    Obviously only a parent, no grandparents or uncle accepted.


  3. dovid

    “They would have to take a more moderate stance, which would allow children if accompanied by a parent”.

    you mean by their father!

    in case it is new to you:

    עם הכל אדם רוחץ, חוץ מאביו וחמיו. ובעל אמו, ובעל אחותו. ורבי יהודה מתיר באביו מפני כבוד אביו. והוא הדין לבעל אמו. ואתו אינהו וגזור בשני אחין משום בעל אחותו. תנא: תלמיד לא ירחץ עם רבו, ואם רבו צריך לו – מותר. (ברייתא פסחים נא, א, רמב”ם איסורי ביאה כא, טז. ומה שאין נזהרים בהלכה זו בימנו, ראה רמ”א בשו”ע אהע”ז כג,


  4. You write:
    3. Some Poskim hold that a shower is a Mikva (for a male)
    Whether you accept it or not, I would recommend that after the Mikve one should have a thorough bath or shower, using quality soap.

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