Transportation company nixes extra-terrestrial depiction from bus banners for fear of offending ultra-Orthodox passengers

[Hat tip to DS who pointed out the original article in Yedioth]

It was also published by Times of Israel, and reproduced below. I’m not clever enough to understand what is bothering them. Can someone explain? 

The Egged transportation company has barred ads bearing a depiction of an extra-terrestrial from being featured on company buses in Jerusalem, for fear that the peculiar advertisement may be offensive to some passengers.

The ad campaign, produced by Kiddum — a company that offers psychometric preparation courses for future university students —  features an image of a harmless-looking alien with the sentences “Advanced intelligence discovered on Earth” and “They are like us, only more advanced” written beneath him. The campaign aims to convince youngsters that Kiddum graduates are able to produce exceptional, ‘unearthly’ scores on their exams.

The ad series was launched a short while ago and was run in many major cities across Israel, including Jerusalem. Egged, however, decided to pull the ad from buses in the capital because they deemed the picture of the creature from outer space offensive to ultra-Orthodox travelers.

The Cnaan advertising company, which handles advertising for the Egged bus company, explained that Egged had decided to nix images of all people — male, female — and apparently non-humans as well, from its campaigns on Jerusalem buses.

“According to the concession agreement between Egged and the Cnaan company, characters may not be featured at all in Jerusalem, and that is why the campaign was not approved by Egged,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Ads with photos of women, and more recently men, have gradually disappeared from advertisements on buses in Jerusalem over the past years, and activists say there has been a similar, though less dramatic, trend in cinema advertisements. The advertising companies have said they are afraid of vandalism by religious extremists, and of hurting people’s feelings as a result of posting pictures of women.

[Hat tip to DS]

Yedioth had this story.

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5 thoughts on “Transportation company nixes extra-terrestrial depiction from bus banners for fear of offending ultra-Orthodox passengers”

  1. The article says what the issue is. Egged has decided on a policy of not depicting any figures at all; this ad violates that policy. There’s no claim that any religious person objected to this ad, so there’s no reason to speculate about why he or she might have done so.

    Why does Egged have this policy? Presumably in order to navigate the dangerous waters between the religious who don’t want pictures of women, and the feminists who would shout to high heaven at the idea of women being “excluded” from ads. If nobody is on ads, then everyone is happy.


          1. Huh? The article is very clear. Egged has a policy of not depicting figures, of any kind. It doesn’t say why they have this policy, but the reason seems obvious to me. We all know that the frumme don’t like pictures of women, and have protested against them. And we also know that if Egged only bans pictures of women they’ll catch it over the head from the feminists. So this policy makes sense. The frumme are happy that there are no women, and the feminists don’t feel insulted. The result is no men, no women, and no extraterrestrial androgynes.


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