petition from Q Society

Dear Friends;

We are launching today a public letter of support from Australians to the people of Israel.

Please spend three minutes of your time, read both the preamble and the letter, and then
consider to be among the first to sign your name to it. Click on the link below now:

Please do not hesitate to invite your connections and friends to also sign.

A delegate from Q Society will deliver the letter in hard copy with all names to the Israeli Embassy
in Canberra.

Warm Regards

Raoul @ Q Admin
Q Society of Australia Inc

Author: pitputim

I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

5 thoughts on “petition from Q Society”

  1. Looking at the Q society web site I see that they are campaigning against halal certification, and demanding that all halal-certified food be labelled. They claim that this is somehow different from kashrus, but that’s nonsense; any laws passed against the halal system, or any social pressure that results in companies refusing halal certificiation, will necessarily hurt kashrus as well.

    In particular, labelling laws or standards on geshochtene meat won’t hurt halal very much, but they will destroy kashrus altogether. Shechita in Australia depends on being able to sell the neveilos, treifos, and the back halves of all animals, in the normal stream of treife meat, without any special labelling. Without that it will be impossible for shechita to survive.

    They also seem to want to ban sharia-compliant financial arrangements (i.e. equivalents to heter iska), and arbitration before sharia courts (or botei din), both of which would affect us too.

    I’m sure the Q socieity is sincere in its support for Israel, but one should be wary of giving them any support or publicity. They may not mean to harm us, but if they succeed they will do so.


    1. I agree but I think they were actually reacting to some companies whoever were effectively forcing halal on goyim eg McDonalds without telling them or advertising. That being said they aren’t my favourite kettle of fish but on this issue I signed


      1. “Forcing halal on goyim” means exactly what we do, selling geshochtene meat as treif, without labelling it. What difference does it make to a goy whether his meat is halal or not? How is he harmed by eating halal? So why should he be told about it?

        There is good reason to hate and fear Islam, but their hatred goes well beyond reason, and is dangerous to us. On this issue they may be right, but any support they get helps them more than it hurts Moslems.


        1. What I have heard Goyim object to, is that there is no labelling that food in a particular establishment is Halal. They therefore feel that it was foisted upon them in secret.


          1. Why should it be labelled? What exactly is “foisted” on them? What difference does it make to them whether the food they eat is halal or not? The only reason they could have to object is islamophobia. And again, exactly the same objection applies to kashrus. Most products on the kosher list are not labelled, or are labelled in obscure ways that only Jews know about (e.g a certain number in front of the use-by date), Even kosher restaurants don’t always prominently advertise that they’re kosher. They might put the teudah over the hand-washing basin, so that only those who wash for bread will know that it’s kosher. Does that harm anyone? Should that be illegal? These people are using old anti-semitic arguments, and just changing the names. And once those arguments are legitimated, other people will raise them again with the original names restored.


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