When your wife talks, you listen

I have tried on many occasions to cajole wordpress to remove what could be called advertisements (from which they make money) from this blog. It hasn’t worked. Personally, I never saw the advertisements so didn’t know how offensive or commonly offensive they might be to our expectations, although one reader sent me a screen shot.

“She who must be obeyed” then sent me the following

Is there any way to get rid of those advertisements …

There is, but I have to pay annually. I’ve paid. There’s a nice way to start the new year 🙂

You can also access the blog via pitputim.me as a side-effect of the “benefits” I have accrued.

Author: pitputim

I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

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