My Dvar Torah on Noach

Global warming aside, Noach needed to know when to leave the ark. He sent a raven, a dove, and then another dove. Finally, he was convinced that it was safe to leave the ark. Yet, we find that Noach did not leave the ark until such time as God commanded him explicitly. The question is obvious. If you know you aren’t going to leave the ark until God tells you, why would you send out weather scouts? 

An answer is that Noach was never going to leave the ark based on what his eyes saw. He was completely governed by what God told and promised him. He waited for Hashem’s command but was active before that.

 We find similarly that King David was informed by Nathan the prophet, that King David  would not build the next temple and yet the Midrash tells us in numerous places that David continued his efforts to build that which he was not going to end up completing. 

While the world bleats about Al Aqsa we know that there is a temple that needs to be rebuilt. We may not be the ones to build it, but it does not absolve us (like Noach or King David) from making all efforts to doing so. Apart from doing God’s will there is a practical thing that every Jew should be doing: simply, scream from the roof tops 

“Liars, liars, liars. This is the TEMPLE mount. Al Aqsa is a latter manifestation of a foreign religion.” 

There is no room in a democracy for a system called “status quo” that says only a Muslim can pray there. If YOUR competent Orthodox Rabbi permits you go to certain spots near the Temple Mount, why does the State of Israel FORBID you to pray? 

This, my friends is what is called diaspora WITHIN Israel.
Good Shabbos, and may the Temple be speedily re-dedicated in our time.

Author: pitputim

I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

16 thoughts on “My Dvar Torah on Noach”

  1. Dear Prof. Balbin,
    What happened to you? The Temple has nothing to do with Noach or King David. Do we come to conclusions from a Midrash? King David was probably glad to be ordered not to build the house of G-d. He had quite a good outlook from his own roof. I can just imagine the different Jewish sects agreeing on anything in the Beth Hamikdosh, not even the KNE MNORA; one side will have rounded KANIM the other straight ones. Are you missing the Korbanot? You as a Kohen will have a full time job and a lot of free meat. You will be slaughtering by yourself and not depend anymore on the different Hashgahot. There is no Mehadrin or Badatz there. As for the clothing, they will be supplied, but only a cloth shirt and trousers, belt and hat. That Uniform has no Tzitzit, no Kapote and no Schtreiml – and, G-d forbid, no Gartl. If your hat will be chosen for the PAYIS = lottery, you will be standing in the Bet Hamikdosh without a head cover. If you don’t feel comfortable with it you can bring a KIPA and introduce a new Minhag, it might be accepted.

    I was once asked how the holocaust can be explained in a Jewish manner. I lost my father who was killed in a death camp. My reply was that each of us sees just a narrow and short episode in history. The destruction of the Temple, the population driven out of their homes and country and the enslavement of the people were difficult and painful for the people at that time. G-d has a wider view. It was his will. He wanted the Temple destroyed and remain destroyed (ask yourself why?). He wanted his people to be driven out of the Promised Land, not to one country, but dispersed all over the world. He, G-d, saw the benefit of it. His people learned from the people they dwelled with, in each country a different trade, custom, culture, behavior and so on. If we were not dispersed, and lived in Eretz Yisroel all those 2000 years, I am sure that I would have been still a shepherd living in my Bedouin tent.
    As for the holocaust, I do not know the final plan, but the intermediate one was the establishment of Israel.

    “Liars, liars, liars. This is the TEMPLE mount. Al Aqsa is a latter manifestation of a foreign religion.”

    The Temple Mount’s history is known. As we know, Jerusalem was not conquered by the Israelites. It was a Yevusi city. King Shaul settled in Givat Shaul. King David ruled and had his capital in Hebron and only later conquered Yevus and established there a Jewish city. His son built the first Temple. Jerusalem was conquered, because its rulers did not want to listen to Jeremiah, and the Temple was destroyed. Then we had the second Temple, with an empty Aron, no Broken LUCHOT and no whole ones. This Temple was again destroyed and a Pagan one established in its place. Jerusalem and the mount went over to the Muslims, than Crusaders, and then Muslims again whose shrines stand on it today I did not mention here all the rulers of Jerusalem. There were more. Each one is a “latter”, but there is one whose current shrines are on it today. Should they be destroyed? They stand there, even according to the Jewish religion, because it is G-d’s will. If it would not be his will he would have changed the status.

    You dwell comfortably in your diaspora. You may shout out L’Shana Ha’Ba’A BI’Yerushalayim but do not believe one word that you are saying.

    I am not going to discuss politics.

    We in Israel have a saying: אל תהיה צודק, היה חכם.


    1. I remain steadfast in my view that for Muslims ONLY, to be allowed to utter a word of prayer there is completly and utterly anti democratic and a Galut mentality. Of course God has his plan, but there is no more reason to accept that it is silence and acceptance of historical revisionism than the loud cry of LISTIM ATEM


  2. דברי חכמים בנחת נשמעים

    We do not need a loud cry. To whom will you address your cry? The U.N.? Human Rights? UNESCO – they got a request to recognize that the KOTEL is part of the Palestinian Temple Mount. I will not be surprised if it will be accepted.

    Shall we call out LISTIM ATEM to King David that took Yevus? Promised Land or not, the Israelites did not conquer Yevus. David had the forces to do it and he did. It is quite a description how it was taken. I agree that everyone has the right to pray there or anywhere else. Shall all the rights one has be exercised? I will defend my rights but not exercise them if it will backfire. As said, by exercising the rights now I will be צודק but will not be חכם . Which of the two is more important?

    We are stabbed here daily just because of false information. Now let us imagine what would happen if that was true.
    It is a religion’s war, not a territorial.


      1. Mentioning the first Rashi to me is “preaching to the converted”. As you know, there is no RASHI on the Koran. They do not quote that Rashi in the Mosques.
        G-d dedicated to us the Promised Land, but he also expelled us, dispersed us among other nations and settled that land with other people. We prayed that we should return. Some said לשנה הבאה בירושלים and meant it and came to the Holy Land and the Holy City, others did not exercise their rights although they were able to do it. You see, you have the right but do not have to carry it out. It is up to you.
        You can remain steadfast in your view. אדם באמונתו יחיה.


  3. We are stabbed here daily just because of false information. Now let us imagine what would happen if that was true.

    On the contrary, they treat us now exactly as if it were true, so it would be no worse if it were true. In that case, why don’t we make it true?

    We are commanded to this day to protect the kedusha of that site. If we must protect it by not going there ourselves, then how much more so must we protect it by preventing the Arabs from going there with their filthy feet (to use Abbas’s language) and treating it like a park. For 2000 years we were unable to prevent it, but now we are able, so why don’t we? Is it not an obvious midah keneged midah that we allow the nations to trample His home, so He allows them to trample ours? Declare it a closed military zone, and treat everybody exactly alike: nobody can go there, except whatever security patrols are necessary.

    By the way, the Avnet is a gartel, and no additional begadim are allowed.


    1. the Avnet is a gartel
      Was it white, black or coloured?

      Wow, so many Jews are wearing Bigde Khuna. Are only Kohanim allowed to wear one?


      1. The avnet was white, of course. How did you not know that? And of course anyone is allowed to wear one, just as anyone is allowed to wear tunics, shorts, and turbans.


        1. As I wasn’t there, I did not see a Kohen in his uniform, therefore I did not know that the Avnet was white. In a book about the Beth Hamikdosh I saw a picture of a Kohen dressed in his uniform. He had a wide Avnet, multicoloured, tied on his right side. I do not know where they got that information from, but it added some colour.
          By the way, the Kohen without the hat that was taken for the PAYIS, is pictured in that book wearing a Kipa! I thought that the Jarmulke was a latter invention. My father used to wear at home a DOME or CROWN shaped black high Kipa. For the seaside, in mixed bathing, he had a flat white one (not the rubber swimming cap). The one pictured in the book was a flat round Kipa.

          Thank you for the Psak. I will skip the turban, but will try shorts next summer. For an Avnet, I’ll still continue using a leather belt.


            1. Was it a cone shaped one with a Pompon at the top?
              Did he wear it against the cold or for Yirat Shamayim dreams?

              Does wearing a Jarmulke for sleeping exempt one from Mode Ani? He is covered by Yirat Shamayim with his Neshama all night. Can there be a Yirat Shamayim without a Neshama? Just asking and not expecting a Tshuva.


            2. I never asked him why he wore it, but I was aware many had such a minhag to wear a white one. Probably because the Neshoma goes up while you are asleep. It had no pompom but it was large and had a rim around it. I can’t see how it exempts anyone from Modeh Ani. I have no real understanding of Nistarot, but Modeh Ani makes it clear that your Neshoma is returned (or perhaps some aspect of your Neshoma, I haven’t got a clue) and I guess the minhag to wear a white one was similar to wearing white on Yom Kippur.


  4. We do not need a loud cry. To whom will you address your cry? The U.N.?

    Yes. Because they need to know, and they don’t. The average person in the West does not know that we are the native people of Eretz Yisrael, and the Arabs are colonists. The average person has been told that Jews are “settlers”, and doesn’t realise that we are like Cherokees coming back to Georgia and setting up our tepees on unoccupied land there, only to be told that we must go back to Oklahoma. Tell them this, so that they know. Arab children are taught in their schools that they are the native people of the land; how are they to know different if we don’t tell them? The Arabs tell the world that there was never a beit hamikdash, and the New York Times takes them seriously. If someone hears of a challenge to his ownership of property, and he does not respond, he loses it. We have an obligation to respond, to make a macha’ah, just as we would if someone were squatting in our shed or our beach house.


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