The worst candidate isn’t Donald Trump, it’s Bernie Sanders

I once spoke to someone who described himself eventually as an antisemitic Jew. That is, someone who wasn’t happy that he’d been born with all the baggage of being Jewish. This is common among lefties: socialist and communist.

Bernie Sanders is a real leftie. His Jewishness is just an accident of circumstance. Here is what he would have said if AIPAC had allowed him to appear remotely (the Jewish man had no time for AIPAC)

Still, Sanders stressed that he understands the stumbling blocks Israel faces in its efforts towards peace saying:  “Peace requires the unconditional recognition by all people of Israel’s right to exist… and an end to attacks of all kinds against Israel. Peace will require that organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah renounce their efforts to undermine the security of Israel. It will require the entire world to recognize Israel.”

Note. Unlike other candidates who call for Israel to be the JEWISH homeland, Bernie Sanders does not state that. He only talks of its right to exist. Exist as what? Another Muslim majority country?

He calls on Hamas and Hezbollah to RENOUNCE their efforts. I don’t know how you renounce an effort unless you can’t say the word disarm. Who is attacking Hamas? Answer: only those who Hamas attacks. Hezbollah are terrorists. Bernie has made them a legitimate player.

Bernie sounds like a very moral and ethical man. Problem is he doesn’t accept that we are the chosen people. Chosen for what? Lots of things. One of them is our need to defend our identity and faith, neither of which Bernie seems to have.

You could have replaced the word Israel with Plutonia. I don’t believe it makes any difference to Bernie

How to keep Bernie Sanders honest in the US elections

Unless a miracle occurs or Hillary stumbles, I can’t see anyone other than Bernie Sanders winning the Presidency. Many have noted that he avoids talking about his Jewishness. It is clear that he has strong socialist views. In my opinion, many of his socialist views are actually Torah views, vis-a-vis Society, Justice, the Poor etc. Notwithstanding that, he potentially will be worse than Henry Kissinger for Israel. Accordingly, I would set him up for an interview which focussed on four or five of his socialist opinions. I would show him that they in fact emanated from the Torah and were Jewish values. I would ask him if agreed with these Jewish values, and whether he had been subconsciously informed by them. Finally, I’d ask him which Jewish values he did not identify himself with. Specifically, I would ask him if he supported assimilation of Jews, such that they would be dissolved among the nations. Does he perform a Pesach Seder, and if so, what is he commemorating? I would ask him if he felt any value in self-reflection on Yom Kippur, and whether such a notion was good for the American people. Finally, I’d ask him if he agreed that all people should abide by the Noachide Laws. He needs to be put on the spot, and not allowed to create his own golden path avoiding difficult questions. Let him tell us about his Zayda and Booba and what they meant to him etc. Does he financially support the notion of Jewish schools, or does he believe all schools should admit all comers.

Alas, the press are giving him a free run and letting avoid issues with neutral one liners. I think he is a good and genuine guy, but he needs to have his Jewish Neshoma rekindled.

I would have loved to hear him in audience with the Lubavitcher Rebbe זי’’ע

The only chance that Israel/American relations will suffer less under his presidency, is if Herzog defeats Netanyahu. The latter has run out of ideas and is biding time until Obama leaves.