This type of interview is creepy

[Hat tip to Abe]

They get a nice-looking scarf-less, american-accented mouthpiece to spout plain untruths. Many in the “cultured” western world, especially left-leaning tree-huggers will conclude that even though the interviewer caught her out, there is another narrative out there, and the only narrative that should be disregarded is the American/Israeli line.

The mighty and powerful aggressors are wantonly attacking the helpless ones, whose rocket-propelled “sling shots” don’t cause damage.

This is an Olam HaSheker, a world of lies. Those who think that propaganda will overcome this intense hatred towards us, would do better to re-read history and re-focus on

תשובה ותפילה וצדקה

Which doesn’t mean we “deserve” anything. What it means is that we need to increase our good acts and the quality of our personal and Godly interaction, especially when under fire.

By all means, write letters, twitter to your heart’s content, spread across facebook, share Friday night bread with co-religionists, but remember, that this alone does not, has not, and never will be sufficient to cause an attitudinal sea-change.

הלכה עשיו שונא ליעקב

It’s a Midrash, but for some reason it rings as true now as it did in 1939. That’s not all of them, but far too many. We’ve seen it before, and sadly, we will continue to see it until ובא לציון גואל.

Disclaimer: My private views, as always, should not be construed as associated with anyone but me, and me alone.

Finally, some decent Hasbara

It’s time that גאון יעקב aka the Yiddishe Kop used its creative juices to deal with the הלכה: עשיו שונא את יעקב phenomenon—we live alone—עם לבדד ישכון. I came across this youtube video last night, and I would suggest that if, like me, you felt it was effective, that you post it to your Facebook pages, and email it to colleagues and friends from the אומות העולם so that the message spreads.

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