Charedi misinformation, disinformation and downright distortion Part 2

What has changed? The situation at New Square gets worse (hat tip to Steven)

The Chilul Hashem grows daily. The Skeverer Rebbe stays silent; he doesn’t visit the victim of the arson attempt nor has he put this arsonist house boy into Cherem for this act, to my knowledge. Check out the video above. Can you imagine if they were Muslims saying this is “MuslimLand” and not “JewLand” as expressed by the Skverer Chasid?

All that aside, what also irks me is that the two internet based news sites, and remain completely silent on the matter. Nothing has happened in New Square that’s worth reporting? How can this be? This is the same type of blackwashing that takes place in Artscroll and other Charedi publications. Why are they hiding it? Is it because they want their kids to do such things or because they don’t want their kids to do such things? If the latter, why not show it, and issue condemnation?

Here are the front page topics on Yeshivah World News which were considered more news worthy than an arson attack on a family of 5 by Skeverer Chasidim:

  • Bloomberg Compares Same-Gender Marriage To Slavery
  • Google Announces Mobile Payment System: Google Wallet
  • Burglars Stealing Silver Sefer Torah Crowns Busted After Investigation By Metropolitan Police & Shomrim London NW
  • New Jersey State Police: 18 Percent Increase In Fatal Traffic-Accidents This Year
  • Wisconsin Union Law Struck Down By County Circuit Judge

Here are the topics that matzav considered more newsworthy than an arson attack on a family of 5 by Skeverer Chasidim:

  • Bloomberg Makes Case For NYC Same-Gender Marriage Law, Compares It To Slavery
  • RCA Examining Its Guidelines For Individual Membership of Yeshiva Chovevei Torah
  • Lakewood Officials and Askanim Visit Bnei Brak On Chizuk Mission
  • Lakewood Cheder Closes On 13-Acre Campus
  • 17% of Lakewood Residents Are Under Age 5
  • OU Kosher: Building Bridges to the World of Yeshivos
  • NYC to Save Money by Increasing Class Sizes for Special Education Kids
  • New York City Health Department Wants All ‘Alcopops’ Banne
  • New National Rubashkin Campaign

שומו שמים

Why is the story from New Square clearly under censorship by Matzav and Yeshivah World News. Pitputim have a few commenters who come across as apologists for Charedim, would any like to respond with a guest post justifying this practice of שקר?

Author: pitputim

I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

15 thoughts on “Charedi misinformation, disinformation and downright distortion Part 2”

  1. Jewland? Isn’t that next to Yiddishville? LOL!

    That young man on the left personifies what is wrong with the chinuch of so many of his ilk throughout the Chareidi world: they are taught to be punctillous in their observance and may have vast Torah knowledge yet they are sorely lacking in ethical/moral education.

    (stuff about Chabad edited, facts only please)


  2. Vic Alhadeff’s (who always seems to be spot on) brilliant piece in the AJN sums up why these things happen.

    It is up to someone with a bit of clout (power and/or money) to introduce into all primary schools a weekly lesson on morals and ethics with examples like ‘what would you do if ………’. and ‘would you stay silent or stand up and say something’.

    It is up to someone with a bit of clout to introduce into all primary schools a weekly lesson on morals and ethics with examples like ‘what would you do if ………’. and ‘would you stay silent or stand up and say something’.


  3. Torah, when taught properly, teaches one to be supremely ethical and moral. A living example offers the best education. A child needs to observe adult role models who not only know the Ethics of our Fathers for instance, but also embody those teachings. Equal emphasis and importance must be put on both the letter and the spirit of the law.


  4. SDS, I assure you that he is not punctillous in his Mitzva observance or has vast Torah knowledge. He would be a laydigayer of the first class, looking out for trouble. Anyone who is observant and sits and learns would be the last person to do such a thing.

    Not much different to the guy who belted up the Rebetzin’s sister in Crown Heights


    1. Ben. I believe it was the previous Rebeztin but this is about censorship.

      Tell us, do you think matzav and yeshiva world news should have reported it?

      Finally, the skeverer guy was not one off the street. He was one of the Shamoshim of the Rebbe!


  5. As I have observed over the years, often these types of troublemakers with violent tendencies are not the lay-abouts but rather, are quite often th0se from good backgrounds, with learning and high positions. It is moral education they lack.


  6. Re this bochur(or a any such types) not being a layabout, you obviously are not aware how it works at Chassidus’s of these types(Square.belz,Viznitz,Satmar,Sanz etc. etc).

    Depending on the size of the Chasidus and therefore the workload of the Rebbe(and I suppose the Rebbetzen), there can be anything up to five gaboim. These are married men, who do it for parnosseh to support a family. They can be big tamidei chachomim and yere shomaim, but not necessarily.

    Then there are what’s called “hausbochirim” . These are boys who have no interest in learning or have much yirei shomayim. There is no place for them in Yeshiva, so some of them are given a job in the Rebbe’s house. This usually stops them from going down a further slippery slope. I distinctly remember-at one of the biggest groups- one such boy who got into all sorts of trouble and left. When he came back, the Rebbe took him to be his helper, in time, marrying him off etc. Today he is a regular yungerman. This Rebbe once said “I am an old man, so he won’t have a bad influence on me…”


  7. Re Matzav and yw reporting. I do have an opinion and comment. However, as I just wrote on the thread re Kashrus, you seem to have a different rule on honest reporting for yourself and a different one for others.


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