Talk about a self-hating Jew

What is it about us? First we find out that Gaddafi the monster was a Jew, with relatives in Israel. Now, one of the members of a Hungarian anti-semitic political group has found out he is really Jewish. Read about it here.

Author: pitputim

I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

7 thoughts on “Talk about a self-hating Jew”

  1. if many right wing party did not have anti Semitic platforms or would even allow jews to join , they would be full of jews , jews are allowed to be right wing as well !!!!! why you think jews have a natural like for someone with a dark skin , gyseys or Moslem’s or homos is beyond me


    1. Peter, being right wing does not mean that one need be racist. There is a plausible right wing/conservative economic/political outlook that also respects humanity no less than a left wing leaning. That’s a first point. The second point is that whilst Jews are as susceptible to being influenced by the poorer choices that members of society make, we pride ourselves in seeking a higher morality that protects us from descending into the quagmire of senseless hate on account of race/creed/colour and the like.

      There is also a view that the Jewish Soul naturally seeks to do the “right thing”. When and if it doesn’t, other Jewish souls, who are perhaps less enclothed by the influence of evil, naturally express surprise and shock.


  2. we are all racist , even this site can be seen to be racist as it is about Jews , because the word racist was invented in the 70s to shut up anyone with a different view than left wingers does not mean it is correct , i am a racist , and don’t think i am bad because of it , its a natural feeling , i know several Jews who think Hitler was too moderate in his views about non white races , if i have a club and say i don’t want Jews as members that’s one thing but saying Jews are not allowed to be racists i think is taking it a bit too far


    1. Peter,
      I’m surprised by the simplicity of your sweeping assertions. It is certainly not racist to publish a blog which is of most interest to those who share a particular religion.

      We are certainly not all racist.

      That you have some Jewish friends who allegedly espouse reprehensible views does not in any way contradict my earlier comment.

      It is simply untrue to imply that difference and self-interest implies racism. Are you attempting to bewilderingly dampen the disgust that society has for those with illegitimate racist views by telling us that since we aren’t all just identified as “generic humans” we are somehow racist?

      Come now.


      1. its always a mistake to believe that as you are a non racist and collect comic books that everyone has the same views and interests
        i don’t know one single person that is not a racist , but i am sure that are people that are not or pretend to be not , of all people one of the most racist are Jews , which is why i respect them , i think the word llegimate and reprehensible you used of interest , you might refer to my comment about racist being invented in the 70s to shut people up , just like these words you have used against me , also the comment “”attempting to bewilderingly dampen the disgust that society has for those with illegitimate racist views by telling us ” which means that when i make a comment its a conspiriosy !!!! ii said what i thought , i wrote nothing on the base im part of a international conspirosy , hell i cant even spell it !!!
        i can assure you that views different to yours does not mean that these people are devil worshippers or evil it just means many people don’t have views the same as you , you should consider being more tolerant or better still think about things yourself rather than believing everything a left wing journo says to you in a tv program , remember you can not get a job writing a tv program or even as a actor or actress unless u profess left wing views and i do not think that what you say is reprehensible its just your opinion , i think what my friends say makes a lot of sense , again i refer to using words to shut people up


        1. Peter,
          I’m not silencing you. I consider your argument to be a straw man built from a non standard definition of racism that is confused with discrimination. Discrimination in of itself is not uniformly a bad thing. The connotation of racism as used in the vernacular is not the one you employ. I’ll leave it to my readers to see if they are interested in engaging with your ethnography. I’ve said my piece.


  3. well ive read your comment 3 times and i still don’t understand it , what is a ethnography ? used in the venacular ?? straw man ?
    i will reply later in uzbek , have you ever considered that there is such a thing as staying at school too long ?


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