Emergency: save this little boy

[this is real]

Hi all,

I’m appealing to all of you to not only donate to this cause, but to also tap into your various networks to help me to raise the necessary funds. Please send the attached appeal letter out to EVERYONE & anyone, every single donation helps, the more people that we get this out to, the greater the chance of saving this child’s life.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries.

Kind Regards,

Albert Bardavid



Daniel Rock is a 10 year old King David Sandton schoolboy who lives in Woodmead

Springs with his twin brother, older sister and parents. He has an eternal smile and an

amazingly positive outlook on life, just like any 10 year old – except Daniel is not like any

other 10 year old.

Since he was first diagnosed with cancer, Daniel has undergone extensive surgery and

radiation. It appeared that the treatment was successful and we celebrated the miracle.

Unfortunately, as often occurs with this insidious disease, the celebrations were short-

lived and Daniel’s most recent brain scan and spinal MRI have revealed that he has a

progressive tumour.

According to Dr Jonathan Finlay, the Director, Neuro-Oncology at Nationwide Children’s

Hospital, Columbus Ohio and one of the pre-eminent specialists in the world in the

treatment of this specific cancer, Daniel’s only chance for a cure is to undergo

“reintroduction of remission” chemotherapy followed by collection and cryo-preservation

of stem cells and their reintroduction, culminating in irradiation to any residual lesions.

Unfortunately, this treatment is not registered in South Africa. Nor is there the expertise

available to administer this treatment in South Africa.

Daniel is currently receiving the first phase of chemotherapy treatment in South Africa.

This is mostly being covered by our Medical Aid. However, the continuation of phase two

of the treatment, as described above, can only be performed overseas. We intend taking

Daniel to the USA for the completion of this second phase shortly.

The estimated cost of this treatment, which needs to be paid upfront, is $450 000. To

date, we have been successful in raising approximately half of this amount.

We have established a Trust Fund which will be administered by Werksmans Attorneys to

raise these funds. Your urgent donation would be greatly appreciated to ensure Daniel

may begin treatment by the end of September 2014 at Nationwide Children’s Hospital,

Columbus Ohio.

The details appear below –

The Daniel Rock Medical Trust Account

Standard Bank of South Africa

Account number 252295889
Branch code 019205

Ref [Name of Donor]

If you need any further information, please contact –

Albert Bardavid 083 658 8119; or

Sidney Isaacson 082 576 9371
With gratitude and appreciation.

Jonathan & Michelle Rock

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