“Who is like your people, Israel”

Amazing technology. I would produce it in Yehuda and Shomron and thereby deny it to all those anti Semites, Gentiles and Jews, who support BDS. Suck eggs EU.

This is from the Jerusalem Post.

US government to stock Israeli bio-tech cure for lethal radiation in 2017


22 Feb 2016, 02:51 AM

Pluristem Therapeutics developed ground-breaking cell therapy that can heal 100% of patients exposed to radiological attack; Company hopes to hold contacts with Israeli authorities soon.

An Israeli bio-tech company has developed an anti-radiation therapy that the US government will likely begin stocking next year, and which is able to cure 100% of patients exposed to unconventional radiological incidents like a terrorist dirty bomb, or an attack on a nuclear power plant.

Pluristem Theraputecs has developed a placenta-based cell therapy, which involves injecting patients who have been exposed to lethal doses of radiation.

Clinical trials have so far yielded a near 100% recovery rate for animals exposed to radiation, Yaky Yanai, President and Chief Operation Officer of Pluristem told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

Last week, the US’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a part of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), initiated studies in large animals to evaluate dosing. The trials are part of the US’s Department of Homeland Security Program to protect the population in case of catastrophes involving radiation.

“The whole free world is dealing with unusual challenges,” Yanai said.

Defining lethal radiation as an amount that kills 70% of population exposed and over, Yanai said that within 48 hours of someone receiving the company’s placenta cell injections, bone marrow blood cell production levels returned to normal, and animals fully recovered from the high radiation exposure.

Initial experiments were conducted at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel, and produced results that Yanai described as “phenomenal.” The US then asked the company to join its NIAID program, designed to protect masses of the population in case of catastrophic incidents, including a nuclear terrorist attack, an attack on a nuclear reactor, or an accident occurring in a nuclear power plant.

“We saw that injecting the placenta cells enabled nearly 100% of the population to recover, compared to 30% of the [animal] group that did not receive the injections,” he said.

The FDA developed an “animal route” for clinical trials, Yanai added.

During the trial period, Pluristem Therapeutics agreed to make available an immediate supply of the radiation antidote to the US if needed.

The US government is now paying for, and carrying out trials as it seeks FDA approval, which it will likely receive in 2017.

“You don’t need DNA matches for patients. It can be injected into the muscle very easily, in all humans or animals,” Yanai said.

“As a proud Israeli citizen, I can say that Israel is at the top of our priorities, and we are talking to Israeli authorities. We very much want to provide the level of defense that the Israeli people deserve,” he added

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