Do you understand Achinoam Nini?

I saw this article and cringed, majorly. What are Nini’s thoughts when she sings? Assume she respects the man as a leader of a particular religious group. Assume then that she is not disturbed enough by the allegations that he has possibly known about abuse amongst his clergy during his tenure, and that his promotion of a now disgraced Archbishop was “under his radar”. Assume then that she is not disturbed by allegations that he has not done much to address major abuse issues. Assume that she wants to expose her daughter to a leader of a religious group. Assume then that she also exposes her daughter to leaders of her own religious group. Assume then that she is not caught up with her own ego and self promotion.

Perhaps she was most impressed by his comment that

Beneath every Xtian there is a Jew

Of course we must be civil, courteous and tolerant. That does not mean that we should appear in the Vatican singing “Maria”. Surely there are alternatives.

Perhaps Nini could and should have sung the great Yonatan Razel song below, and translated the lyrics into English/Spanish for Francis’s benefit. I could have coped with that.

Achinoam Nini: a good singer but naive and simple

With the world sponsoring BDS campaigns and the like, where there are attempts to dilegitemise anyone with a bent that implies that they are pro Yehuda and Shomron, it was a really childish but dangerous act that Achinoam Nini refused to accept an award because another award was to someone with views on the opposite spectrum.

By doing this she gains only one thing: notoriety. If she thinks that she will sell more tracks as a result of this act, she is mistaken.

The only thing her act will achieve is to display that the left is militaristic and anti-democracy and does not respect the State. Perhaps she is a Marxist in disguise, but she’s completely lost me.

Read about it here

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