Do you understand Achinoam Nini?

I saw this article and cringed, majorly. What are Nini’s thoughts when she sings? Assume she respects the man as a leader of a particular religious group. Assume then that she is not disturbed enough by the allegations that he has possibly known about abuse amongst his clergy during his tenure, and that his promotion of a now disgraced Archbishop was “under his radar”. Assume then that she is not disturbed by allegations that he has not done much to address major abuse issues. Assume that she wants to expose her daughter to a leader of a religious group. Assume then that she also exposes her daughter to leaders of her own religious group. Assume then that she is not caught up with her own ego and self promotion.

Perhaps she was most impressed by his comment that

Beneath every Xtian there is a Jew

Of course we must be civil, courteous and tolerant. That does not mean that we should appear in the Vatican singing “Maria”. Surely there are alternatives.

Perhaps Nini could and should have sung the great Yonatan Razel song below, and translated the lyrics into English/Spanish for Francis’s benefit. I could have coped with that.

George Pell and his band of merry men

This editorial is well worth reading. The fact that the papacy apparently praised his appearance is astounding. The criminals need to be locked up. The title is irrelevant. We don’t stop going to doctors because some are crooks and have perpetrated horrible crimes including rape and fondling. This is about people. Some don’t seem to understand the difference between crooked and sick people and philosophies that are absolutely above-board and to be lauded. I’m sure there are lots of really good Roman Catholics. I hope they aren’t tarnished by the sins of some of their pathetic colleagues.

A cardinal grapples with ‘the indefensible’
ON THE same day Hollywood conferred its most prestigious prize on “Spotlight,” the newsroom drama about the Boston Globe’s reporting on the Catholic Church’s complicity in the sexual abuse of children by priests, a related drama was unfolding near the Vatican itself. For hours, Cardinal George Pell, the Holy See’s treasurer and one of its top-ranking clerics, answered questions posed by an Australian commission that quizzed the cardinal on the extent of his knowledge about pedophile priests he knew decades ago.

Cardinal Pell, the most senior Australian Catholic, stayed mainly on message, the message from the Vatican for years having been one of carefully couched contrition in the face of incontrovertible evidence that the church enabled and covered up for sex abuse by clergy. “I’m not here to defend the indefensible,” said the cardinal.

But under polite and sustained grilling, the 74-year-old cardinal, who testified in Rome by video link to Australia, stumbled on several occasions, revealing the shortcomings in the church’s response to revelations of misconduct.

He referred to having heard rumors, during his years as a young clergyman, of “eccentricities” among priests teaching at Australian Catholic schools, a case of whitewash by euphemism. He pleaded a “senior moment” to explain away his failure to recall various allegations and the church’s response. While discussing a notorious priest who was widely known as a serial abuser by the early 1990s, when Cardinal Pell was a high-ranking church official in Melbourne, he said: “I didn’t know whether it was common knowledge or whether it wasn’t. It’s a sad story and [the extent to which it was known publicly] wasn’t of much interest to me.”

The cardinal went on to say he was kept in the dark on the wrongdoing by a lower-ranking cleric and that “There’s tendency to evil in the Catholic Church too and sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse but for good or for ill the Church follows the patterns of the societies in which it lives.”

That formulation, often heard from church officials, seeks obliquely to airbrush the church’s staggering lapses and reflects the Vatican’s ongoing failure to come fully to terms with the pattern of abuse. The fact is that the church was institutionally complicit in allowing men in positions of authority, in hundreds of dioceses worldwide, to abuse children, thereby damaging or wrecking their lives.

Even now, the church’s foot-dragging continues. While hundreds of priests have been defrocked and disciplined, bishops — the princes of the Catholic Church, sovereign in their dioceses — have only rarely been held to account, despite constant demands by victims’ groups and reformers.

Mindful of that criticism, the Vatican last summer announced that Pope Francis would establish a tribunal to judge bishops who enabled or turned a blind eye to pedophile priests. But nothing has been heard from the tribunal since, and the impunity of all but a handful of bishops remains a fact.[my emphasis]

Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka pope francis) needs to get his act together … yesterday.

Pope Francis and the eery silence!

I’ve watched with interest, as not only those under Pell, but Pell himself has now had a leak alleging abuse he may have allegedly perpetrated. It’s apparently a year-long police investigation which has correctly been kept under wraps. Whoever leaked it really needs to look at themselves in case Pell is proved innocent. Victims will be reticent, and the police have to be careful. These things have to be done in secrecy. Pell is not like a teacher, but like the headmasters’ chief headmaster, the number 3 in the Avoda Zora of the vatican facing allegations. The Pope is of course “infallible” so can be expected to do the right thing?

My only question is this: given the leak (which shouldn’t have happened both for Pell’s sake since he may be innocent, and the victims who may face all manner of trials and tribulations and retribution) the Pope, who nobly stands like a proud socialist, shoulder to shoulder with Palestinian “victims blaming occupation” for murderous terrorism of men, women and children, should be making an urgent enquiry to Victoria Police. If it is true that George is being investigated, the infallible pope should tap George on the shoulder and say

“stand aside until such time as your name is cleared or otherwise”

It might be a beat up, but it might very well be sadly true. I’ve read some editorials and reports, and admittedly I haven’t read many. My editorial is simply this:

Forget Pell for a minute and interview the pope and ask him if he has made discrete enquiries and then asked Pell to stand aside until the Victoria Police finish their investigation?

If not, why not? I would have thought this is an issue where victims of all faiths would either voice their opinion or travel to Rome and demand such from a pope who is meant to represent millions.

Have I missed something? Perhaps the Rabbis who engage in “interfaith dialogue” can push for this too?

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