Is this how respected Poskim decide Halacha

In the comments section on a rather bizarre post on another blog, Rabbi Meir Rabi made the following statement:

 I suspect that erudition is important, but not as important as the Posek’s mental posture, the landscape he sees himself operating in. If the Posek has already made up his mind about the style of Pesak that he is inclined to follow, the erudition will select those perspectives that suit and block out those that do not. It is the Talmid Chacham’s Placebo effect.”

All I can add is that if Rabbi Rabi paskens according to his self-declared “placebo effect”, he certainly need not explain his decisions to anybody.

I wonder if he’d pass this theory of Psak to the great Poskim of our generation for their הסכמה.

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