How can you write “against” a Tzadik like R’ Yoel of Satmar ז’ל

Some people sent me private messages saying I had a “chutzpa” to make any inferences about the actions of the Satmar Rebbe during the Shoah. Well, I was sent a very illuminating and detailed study [hat tip NB]. It’s not my work, it has been researched painstakingly and in incredible detail by others.

I would suggest that there are three types of frum Yidden who react to such articles

  1. Those who don’t read this history, and aren’t bothered by it because they follow the Rebbe irrespective
  2. Those who don’t read this history, and aren’t bothered by it because they never follow Satmar anyway
  3. Those like me, who are fascinated by history and the facts and consider such articles as useful contributions to our understanding. At the end of the day, it’s up to Satmar Chassidim who don’t just follow based on Emunas Tzadikim but also wish to correct any errors of fact or misunderstandings to respond. I’m happy to publish their contributions and am very eager to read them, but I’m not publishing anonymous comments or fakely named comments. I’ve taken the view that if you have something to say, use your name. If you can’t state your name, then don’t write here.

I must urge people to read these two pieces from Tablet Magazine. They are erudite and detailed.

Part one is here

Part two is here

It matters not WHO is writing (from my vantage), but WHAT they are writing. If there are rejoinders, go for it. I’m happy to accept this is all inaccurate as long as those who respond do so with verifiable facts and not hagiography.

I’d like to add that I’m hardly in a position to criticise the action(s) of anyone at that time. These were horrid times, and really, not me nor anybody ought to be some “judge” or “God’s accountant”. Anyone who survived the holocaust in my opinion is a Kadosh. Why? Because they were separated as a Korbon. They retain their Kedusha. They suffered living hell.

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The author, Elliott Horowitz, sent me this link. It’s definitely worth reading.

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