Perhaps it’s time to divest from the Edah Charedis?

Read about their duplicity here. Why should we trust let alone use their Hechsher? You are better off supporting OU, StarK or Chof K and the like. Unfortunately, in Israel things have multiple hechsherim. I’d like to see a company like Osem take a stance and say go and find another product to stamp. It won’t happen, though, because it requires principles and not just profits.

Author: pitputim

I've enjoyed being a computer science professor in Melbourne, Australia, as well as band leader/singer for the Schnapps Band. My high schooling was in Chabad and I continued at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel and later in life at Machon L'Hora'ah, Yeshivas Halichos Olam.

10 thoughts on “Perhaps it’s time to divest from the Edah Charedis?”

    1. Wow. And you think

    2. there aren’t issues where the OU has a more “machmir” view than the Edah? Come now.
    3. that they are somehow “better” because of their stance on Tuna? I’ll trust R’ Hershel Schachter any day, any time
    4. In addition, I hope your fish chumros mean you aren’t eating Herring. Surely you should be choshesh for Anisakis. I won’t even talk about Salmon.


  1. There was a long article in the “Diukan” section of the Makor Rishon newspaper about the “Badatz-Eda Haredit” hechsher recently. Their spokeman pointed out that many of their mashgihim are not members of the Eda Haredit (they said they don’t have the manpower from their own camp to provide mashgihim to all the companies that request it) and many of them come from mainline United Torah Judaism Haredi groups and they also have National Religious mashgihim. Because the law says that the local official state Rabbanut must give hechsher along with the Badatz people they also work alongside the Rabbanut’s mashgihim and he said they cooperate fully and have good relations with them.
    Although I fully support the protests against religious extremism (I am National Religious myself), I draw a distinction between the rank-and-file of the Haredi world, most of whom are moderate, and the leadership. Thus, I would not support a boycott of the Badatz hashagacha because it would negativelyeffect all kinds of people outside the Eda Haredit and would hurt the parnasa of the workers who make the food products under their hashagaha and who have nothing at all to do with the extremists (many of whom are not religous or even non-Jews!).


    1. Fair enough. I’d say though that they make plenty of money from their hechsher business. In addition, if they fall, others rise, and with it employment opportunities transfer. I wonder why they don’t have enough of their own?


  2. If you mention the OU , i’ve heaed pretty shocking storys from reb berl wein who was their head. ( ie the משגיח not there.(


  3. I know this is a hard sell, but I will echo Y ben David’s sentiments:

    The Badatz Hechsher has been the default alternative to the Rabbanut for decades, until all the “political” hechsherim started in the 80’s. This goes back to a time when the edah charedis was a much broader tent and was the only religious authority that was recognized by the British and retained it’s independent status after the establishment. It is professionally run and incorporates all types and stripes of frumme yidden. Even many department heads are non edah members. In a recent survey, 96% of the religious trust Badatz. I believe it is totally isolated from rest of the eidah charedis operations. In fact, “Rabbanut Mehadrin Yerushalyim” is code for badatz mashgichim who cannot operate under their proper name, and use only badatz ingredients.

    Boycotting has been brought up all the time. Recently in the wake of the hospital protests. I doubt Osem and the like will be ready to forfeit the millions of dollars of sales, let alone exports, to the frum people who trust Badatz.

    About the money, I believe most of the money is used to finance the operation and reinvest in cutting edge technology.

    The Hechsherim are not judged by standards, rather by how little “fash’lot” have occurred on their watch. That is where Badatz shines professionally..


    1. People trust the OU too. It’s a fact. Watch all the peyos filling up their carts at Costco. I’m glad they are spreading into Israel. I appreciate all the history and even the quality of what they do, but isn’t it ironical? They have had to meet the real world, confront other stripes etc as you have pointed out. If the Yoshvei Kronos didn’t have so much time and had to earn a buck instead of yelling at people who were not wearing black thick stockings they might encounter acceptable norms.

      The only thing that gives this group any respect is their hechsher. The hechsher and schnorring is what sustains them. They have soiled their reputation. If you don’t agree with divestment, will you and thousands others write to them?

      It’s ironic that the two who have written the most public tshuva seforim are Dayan Weiss ז׳ל and Sternbuch both of whom had lengthy periods overseas in England and South Africa respectively. They had more experience in dealing with the gamut of people. I’m not telling them to change completely, but it’s times daddy got off his proverbial and realised he was no scholar, never will be, is no teacher, never will be, and got a real job and stopped scunging. Daddy would meet people and would respect their Nefesh Elokis, and would not spit and yell, and learn to avert his eyes as need be.


  4. Indeed it seems that the Rabbis of the Edah, Tuvya weiss and moshe shernbuch are merely tools in the hands of the askaim and pay lip service to the their ideals. They don;t have the shtel or the clout to dictate the terms. IIRC It was the minchas yitzhok in the 80’s who exiled the Kanoim who were burning bus stops.

    The great Rabbonim whose influence extended beyond their circles are no more, Fischer, Halberstam, Bransderfor etc. They were either great in their knowledge, common sense or just simple menchlichkeit


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